In the Name of Self-Care: Three Tips to Pampering and Indulging Yourself to Feel Good

Some people see self-care as the usual in daily routines, like brushing your teeth or putting on deodorant. True, while these acts are healthy parts of your day, they aren’t the kind of self-care that pampers and indulges you. The kind of self-care we talk about should make you feel good in your own skin. It should evoke comfort, happiness, and a sense of relaxation.

In this article, self-care is a dopamine fix. It’s those little things that you do to feel good about yourself – mind, body, and soul. Need to feel inspired to pamper and indulge yourself? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Love Smooth Skin? Consider This!

Most of us love the feeling of having smooth skin but waxing and shaving can irritate your skin cells. Opt for something like hair removal in Redmond, WA instead. When combined with other spa treatments, like facials and hot stone massages, the whole process becomes an indulgent self-care ritual.

For Once, Don’t Worry About Calories and Carbs

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For one day, don’t let calories and carbs stop you from eating whatever you want. Bring on the chocolates, chips, and delicious fried foods! You can sacrifice a cheat day.

Bathe in Your Favorite Scents and Go to Bed Earlier

In love with scents like lavender and vanilla? Soak in a bubble bath of your favorite scents to relax. Then slip between cool, crisp, clean sheets earlier than you normally would. The combination of relaxation, smelling good, and feeling good will have you sleeping like a babe.

The pattern in these suggestions is that they are focused on you. Something is freeing and relaxing about only worrying about yourself for an entire day. Use these suggestions to inspire yourself to pamper, indulge, and practice self-care whenever you need a dose of serotonin.